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2002 infiiniti G20 auto Base/Leather, KR4 titanium/light tan leather, 230k-ish miles, my DD
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Hello, and good evening everyone.

i had this combo of codes,in my 2002 g20, randomly and routinely show up and didnt realize that the combination of the 3 or the 325 and 505 codes i guess from web search results and the top hits being ECU repair services and most others. i was pretty distraught and dumbfounded.

dealt with these bunch of codes intermittently during last winter into spring and about halfway through summer.

Until one day and my repeated internet searching and just happened by luck or whatever to idk put the right words in the search, and i saw this link to a you tube video for a subaru, with the 0325 and 505 codes in the title along with no ecu repair and solved.

basically if you get these codes like i would
id routinely repatedly get the P0505 code most every time i drove,
then sometimes along with the 505 code the 325 code would pop up, but not all the time and not always together,
and then id get the 420 catalyst code (02 sensor)

this subaru owner, solved his and my dtc code headache
he said to first remove the air intake at the throttle body,
he then said to visually check the cleanines of the throttle plate, if its dirty,

use a can of throttle body and maf cleaner and clean that build up off,
(you can use non chlorinated brakekleen just you have to wait longer to ensure it dries thoroughly, if you dont have the tb maf sensor cleaner)
then spray your maf too.

and let it dry reinstall air intake, and like my results, enjoy a dtc free driving experience and saving yerself hundreds of dollars by switching to geico lol jk about the geico thing

i hope this helps someone as i was hugely relieved upon finding this info out.
and i hope this post reads out decently. if any questions or if need any thing clarified lmk thanks
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