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Good resources available on Use them.

Also found the maintenance PDF files for illustrations:

Unless you have a lift and/or all your bolts are in new condition, this is going to take longer than 1/2 hour.

If you have a car from the north with visible rust underneath, be prepared to replace nuts, bolts, and washers. You will almost surely break one of the small bolts (10 mm M6) holding the brake lines or ABS sensor. Douse them well with penetrant. The large nuts and bolts for the upper and lower arms and the axle nut will probably be okay. Don't forget the cotter pin (or pins depending on your approach). I also sheared off a lug bolt so I had to spring for both a new lug and lug nut.

Drain the transmission fluid and replace it with new after installing the new axle. If you're too stingy, put a pan on the ground under the transmission side of the CV axle. It will come pouring out when the axle pops out. And make sure your pan doesn't have any cracks on the bottom. Get a cheap bag of kitty litter as a precaution. (Guess what happened to me!)

The only unusual tool requirement was the 36 mm impact socket for the retaining nut on the hub (my stash only goes up to 32 MM.). Had to leave a massive deposit for a free rental which I got back the next day. And pick up a can of PB Blaster Catalyst (white can) for rust penetration and lubrication. It smells like methyl ethyl death, but it will dissolve hair off a grizzly carcass.

If you are doing this for your kid, make him or her stand by if only to hand you tools, like a nurse in an operating room. No need for you to suffer by yourself. My kid may never slide under a car again after he leaves home, but he will know the difference between a socket and a ratchet, and a box end and open end. Kids love the impact wrench - let them try it. Also make sure to tell them to wipe stuff off their faces often. My kid looked like a coal miner before we were through. Right up there with the naked baby bathtub pictures.
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