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P10 Dashboard Removal

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Is there a how-to on this somewhere? I searched around the site for an hour and couldn't find the direct answer I am looking for. I'm having to pull it out as I am doing a 5-speed swap and have to drill the hole for the clutch cable. Got most of it out, but then I became confused when I noticed that the dashboard goes over some studs on the sides next to the doors and those holes are not slotted meaning you have to pull the dash straight off of them and I have no idea how that is even possible.
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Dashboard is pretty easy to remove. There's a couple small bolts on each side, two up top and then some under the glovebox area that hold the airbag to the beam/bracket. Dash comes toward you to remove. Did this a couple weeks ago (twice) when I swapped to a black interior.
So you are saying that the dashboard face releases and is removed separately from the beam that runs underneath it?
Yeah, the dash (just the plastic part) comes off by itself. The support beam is separate.
Wow, real duh moment for me. Alright, will try again tomorrow.
Ha ha, no worries!
Next question: what tool to use for those weird airbag bolts?
t50 or 55 i forget
Yeah just came in here to edit my last post because I found the answer, T50. :)
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