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Ok, after the numerous problems with the other *supposed* supplier of this kit, I took matters into my own hands and solved the problem.

Here are the prices:


1�DFront Bumper
2�DSide Step
3�DRear Bumper
�@ 3 Piece Set
4�DDoor Panel
5�D3 Piece Rear Wing
�@ 5 Piece Set
6�DFog Lamps

A. This is a truly professional outfit. No weird phone evasion here. He also returns calls. I was very impressed with the time he gave me. Actually, even if his price was higher, I would have bought from him.
B. I AM BUYING THIS KIT FROM HIM. I would like for more of you to as well so we can save. It costs $800 shipping for 1 to 3 kits. So if 3 of us buy it, it reduces our individual cost.
C. He said if 3 or more buy, we might get a discount.
D. You will be buying it from him, not me, this is not one of those annoying group buys.
E. It's fiberglass.
F. The front bumper is supposedly a complete replacement which is great for us since a lip won't be as easy since US bumpers are longer.
G. If you have a few questions, please don't bother him with them. Bother me with them. I want him to respect me, not regret me.
H. Shipping time is 2-3 weeks.


this is the company:
Kiyoshis Motorsports L.L.C.
5620 N. Blackstone
Fresno, Ca. 93711
ph 559-451-0193
fax 559-451-0196

So who wants to ask me something?

contact me M-F, EST, 8-5
Jason Garrett Young
[email protected]
276 783 2688
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