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p10 eudm taillamp wiring

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I'm preparing to install the eudm clear/red taild and l'm looking to see how you guys got your wiring set-up. I searched but no solid answer. I have a 94 touring. Thanks!

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If you can find a copy of project garage magazine with the white p10 in it, it has the instructions (although it wasn't 100% correct, lol).
Damn, I need to re-sponsor my cheap ass! I have a copy of that project car mag, but I need to find it in my parts storage:(

Just use zip ties and stock housing hahahaha
Sup Lerky, how's the white beast?? That zip tie idea might be the way to go hahaha.
I repinned as well. I think it took about 45min to do the swap.
my write-up is very good & has nice pictures...sponsor up to make your life easier & read my thread
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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