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P10 Euro Dual Headlights acting like a Single.

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So my P10 has the so called "Euro Dual Headlights"

I read up on some older topics and noticed they were rather wanted back in the day, since the G20s didn't come with them (I think?)

To get to the point. I was toying with the idea of putting some yellow bulbs in the inner part of the headlight (The round part) and wire them up to either low beams or "city light". but upon closer inspection, I noticed that that section was blocked off, and that there's no lights in there.

Someone years ago mentioned they had the same headlights. Euro Dual Headlights that are blocked off.

My question is, the base model P10 comes pre wired for some of the options it could've come with (Like the fog lights) I wonder if that's the same for the lights? Would it just be the plate that's blocked off? Or is the entire housing different on the inside, to the point I'd have to get new headlights to get it to function as an actual dual set?
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