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P10 front LCA's -- Aftermarket ones use Different Balljoints?!?

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so like a lot of guys i'm running the generic p10 lca's i got on ebay

but when i jacked one of the balljoints, i ordered a new p10 balljoint only to find it WONT FIT!??

any idea what balljoint these aftermarket lca's use?

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they use garbage. LOL

what ur gonna have to do is get that huge book from napa, measure all ur specs and find u one that matchs... or get ur oem ones back and buy new oem ball joints.
yea i don't think they were designed to be changed. total bitch to get them out

anybody else?
don't buy any more cheap made in china LCAs off ebay
words to live by chris the wise!

having said that anybody who knows which balljoint parts # works please chime in!
I bought an ebay china LCA the balljoint only lasted 4 months before it got some play in it. I tried alot of replacements none of them fit. They are complete crap. Eventually ordered a oem junkyard lca for 40 bucks off ebay.
that's pretty sad. mine lasted 4 years until ps fluid destroyed them
This happen to me lol I redid my lca and didn't realize they were china ones until this happen

The Stock ones measure 1.50

China ones are 1.51
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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