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P10 Front/Rear Strut Tower Bars

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P10 Front Strut Tower Bars

So I'm looking to ad front tower bar to my 92 P10, was looking to see whats out there.
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I have a line on a Carbing/Okuyama front bar. 9000 yen plus shipping.

Has documentation, but the badge has been changed to some Japanese tuning shop's.

There's a cusco one available for 7000 yen plus shipping
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Whats that in USD and shipped from where? Cuz that might kill it (would be shipped to USA, 15146)
$1 USD is about 100 Yen.

Shipped from Japan. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get proper shipping quote unless I have it in hand. However, if you know the weight of the thing, I can get a better idea.
I dont know.....if you figure out a way to find me a total LMK I guess
Assuming the entire shebang is 7lb, I'd guess that shipping would be about 6000 yen for EMS (1 week, tracked), or about 3500 for surface (2 months, no track).
Well i'll keep it in mind, maybe see if anyone has anything state side first
Wow didn't realize that thanks
Yeah, np. I mean should i not come across something soon, maybe ill take it off ur hands (with an adjusted price obviously lol) but for right now keep my eye open for "branded" one
Bump getting Octotat rear, still looking for a front
Still need front and possibility a header is someone got something used
i have an SSAC header laying around. its an ebay one. no gaskets.
oh yeah? good flex pipe? pics? what kinda price we talkin about?
JUst need the FSTB now, anyone?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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