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I was having trouble opening my trunk smoothly because the struts were worn out, but I recently found a place on ebay that sells a pair for 35$ (35 for both)

I bought them and they came in 3 days with the cheap shipping option. They look and feel like high quality (even though the ends are plastic). They came with replacement balls that the struts pivot on and washers to accompany.

As it turned out the strut was just a little bit shorter than the originals, so I unscrewed the ends off and put a couple washers on the threads to put the ends a little further out. This worked out amazingly well.

Overall, these struts are a great economical fix. so far, they seem great, but i don't know how long they will last either. installation was easy (15 min or so).

They don't lift the trunk up automatically, but it is extremely easy to lift the trunk now and it stays up easily.

Hope this is helpful. I will post pix this weekend.

P10 Trunk Struts on eBay


Alright here are the pictures:

Sorry its a little blurry, but...
This part mounts to the bottom of the trunk. the part that doesn't move up or down, it just swivels.

You can see the two washers that i slipped in between the plastic cap and the metal rod.
the cap threads off easily.

Also, the ball is new on the bottom side of the strut.

This is the top part of the strut. this is mounted to the trunk lid.

Again, you can see the two washers that i slipped in between the plastic cap and the metal rod.
the cap threads off easily.

Also, at least on the 93.5, the top ball is riveted on, so you can't change them out. I just cleaned it up and put a little bit of grease on it.

You can see the rivet a little bit better from this angle.

you can clearly see the little metal clip that holds the plastic cap on the ball in this picture. in one of the two little channels on the cap, you take a flat head screw driver and pry the clip off to put the strut on the ball.

One last thing: I don't think that the plastic stopper is supposed to touch the trunk lid, but I could be wrong. I just put enough washers in so i wouldn't hit my head on the lid. I'm 6 feet tall and this works just fine for me.
I wouldn't advise putting enough washers in it to make it touch. I would do 3 washers of the thickness I used at the most, but so far, this works and I'm happy with them.
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