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p10 nostart/electrical gremlin issue iso suggestions

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So yesterday leaving work my p10 was dead. The lights, dome lights, everything was off and i had no explanation as to why battery was drained. A coworker helped me jump the car started ok after sitting for a few minutes on their battery. On the drive 21 mile home i noticed the radio was turning off when i applied the brakes. i parked the car made sure every thing was off.

The car sat for 90 minutes during my sons soccer game and then would not start again afterward. it was reluctant to start from my parents car and cheap jumper cables. a friend pulled up and asked if i needed his better cables. It fired right up, i noticed i had one brake light out(related to the radio???). i drove 2 miles home, let it idle 20 minutes, then turned it off. The car was dead again this morning.

any suggestions where to start tonight when i get home?
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newb problem. check the battery with my digital VM. tested perfect 12.5v. thats when i noticed the negative terminal was loose on the battery. thats what i get for letting someone else hookup the jumper cables when i jumped it at work, i was sitting with my foot on the brake.

lock and save to document my newbish behavior...
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