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This is my fourth p10. It's a 94 touring in kl0.
I picked it up last year as a long term project to replace my rusty Al0 avi swapped p10. (Here's a link for that project. Sorry for lack of pics.

Drivers door

Drivers fender

As stated above, I purchased this last year and immediately removed the low port, stripped the interior including SRS dash and harness, as I plan to go with a non airbag dash,and started prepping the body for paint.

with the help of my boss, I repaired all the dings and pits associated with a car of this age and I scavenged a fender off a "too clean to be in the junkyard p10." Here's the car at that stage.

The plan was to have this car finished by July, exactly a year after I bought it, but it sat at this stage for far too long. After all, my burgundy car performed very well every day.... Until this

Needless to say that was a huge piece of motivation, so the weekend after the wreck, I yanked the w10 with t2854 and got serious.

Friday, I got the shell and bits and pieces primed with a 2 stage epoxy based primer.I will be working on it a lot after hours this week, and should make good progress on the paint.(going back kl0 btw) and after it's painted, I'm confident I can get it running in a weekend.

I feel like I may be understating the amount of prep work that's gone into this paint and body resto... But there was a lot, and it was time consuming. The engine bay was completely degreased, and the dip-coat that lined the bay was highlighted silver.

The front bumper needed special attention.

I'll try to keep this updated. The current plan is to finish paint by next week. I'm painting the belt line/rub strips satin black along with the rock guard strip. I'll miss my ratty, sleeper p10, but I'm excited to get this project moving again.

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Sorry for the lack of update. Wanted to make forward progress before boring you all with problems.
Last Tuesday got the paint and clear on the car.

But I guess we laid the clear on a little too heavy in areas, so it ended up having fisheye rash in a few spots

So currently, the clear is knocked down on about 75% of the car. Should get to re shoot clear this week with any luck.

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If finally made some progress worth reporting, so sit back while I fill you in.
Like the previous post says, I had to sand the clear back down on the car and have my boss attempt to spray the car again... It should be obvious by now that neither one of us are body men, but the second time around came out descent enough, albeit heavy with orange peal in areas... So we have been wet sanding it in short spurts and after polishing with a buffer, the finish looks better than factory. (That's saying something for a 90's Infiniti)

But the only thing more boring than wet sanding a car, is reading about wet sanding a car, so moving on....

The plan all along was to drop the det out of the maroon car to this, and anyone who has put a front mount inter cooler on a p10 knows that the hood latch brace that runs from the latch to the lower radiator support is in the way as well as the power steering cooler line.

I plan on using a radiator for an automatic, so my power steering lines will be plumbed to the trans cooler in the rad. Eventually. For now, I cut them in front of the radiator.

On the rust bucket, I just cut and bent the hood latch support, and welded it to the bumper support... A less than elegant solution, so the plan was to fab a nice removable bracket this time.

Step 1 make a bracket.

Step 2. Make a place for bolts on bumper support. I welded some nuts to washers and used a hole saw... Weld them in

Step 3. Test fit and cut latch support.

Step 4 finish with paint

Now I have room for the intercooler.

While the engine was still out, I wanted to swap rack and pin ions with the maroon cars, since it was relatively new with good joints. I didn't think that was picture worthy. with that in, the wiring harness was next on my list... Plan is to use the 93 harness and ecu in the 94 chassis. I knew I'd run into a few issues with this, but so far I think everything is done right except the 2 under dash connectors. Most of the wiring modification was done to the short harness that has the iacv, temp sensors etc. on it.

Basically, I'm using a 93 short harness with a 94 speed sensor circuit and 94 connectors where they plug into the chassis (above the trans on drivers side)

the only wire the 94 chassis connector didn't have provisions for was the red and black iacv regulator power wire. After studying the diagrams i wired to ign. Power. Once finished, I re loomed the entire short harness,a And main harness. The 93 main harness was then fished through the firewall and the modified short harness was plugged up and routed along the back of the engine. I debated waiting to save for a new a/c compressor before i through the w11 into its new home, but decided I couldn't wait, so this past Thursday I lifted the beast up into the fresh engine bay and began the first steps of reassembling this project.

All wiring under the hood is done. I have a list of shit to buy and small shit to do and the car should run... One of the biggest things I need is a 94 fsm, because there are only 4 wires where the f19 and f20 connectors plug into the dash harness that I'm unsure about, and when it's time to deal with the stereo system, I'm sure these factory amps are going to give me more wire work to do.
This past weekend I through my sard fuel pressure regulator on

I still need to swap exhausts, buy a radiator, plumb steering hoses, buy LSD axles (mine needed replacing before the wreck) get used a/c compressor, alternator belt, plumb intercooler and charge pipes. (Need to replace a few pieces as well) and figure out those dash harness wires. I'll keep y'all posted on things, but the next big step IMO is finishing wet sand and polish, and painting the trim satin black.

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A little bit of progress. Sorry for so few pics, but I get moving on stuff, and often forget to take pictures as I go along.
I Removed the rest of the factory exhaust and installed my 3" jgy down pipe and tru-bendz exhaust. (Yes, it's catless)

After receiving my 94 fsm, I made these jumper connectors for the f19 and f20 connectors under the dash that connect the efi harness to the dash harness. I used the dash harness connectors from the 93 and the efi connectors from the 94

This way I could plug and play... With the wiring for the engine and ecu done, I decided it was time to see if she ran, so I through the intake plumbing on and it purred to life for the first time since the wreck.

With that out of the way, I needed to address the audio system and run wires for the power folding mirrors before I could start throwing the interior together. The previous owner had cut the radio harness connectors and run speaker wires to the doors. After removing the speaker wire, and splicing the radio harness connector back in (off the wrecked car) I ran a power, rca wires and signal wire to the trunk. I use a 1400 watt amp for my woofers, and a 1000 watt 4channel amp for the speakers. Having the speaker wires already in one place in the trunk for the factory amps was verry convenient, since I didn't have to run speaker wire all the way up to the radio to tap into them like in the 93.
With the audio done, I ran the extra wires for the folding part of the pfm's which isn't worth a paragraph, but while doing so, I noticed that when I removed the airbag harness, I also removed the circuit for cruise control and horn which ran through the airbag harness., and the harness and module were thrown out long ago. So I cut the clock spring connector out of the 93, found the other part of the circuit on the dash and tapped in.
With all the wiring done, it was finally time to put the interior back together.
After blowing all the dust and trash out, and a quick wipe down, the carpet was installed. (I should a have snapped a pic, because all the pictures I have with the interior removed still have all the parts and seats still stored in the car)

Then the 93 dash (no airbags. Looks nicer imo) and 94 center console

The previous owner also did a very shitty job of installing ser seats in the p10. He had to weld on mounting points to the slides, but neglected to make sure that the rails were in the same position (pretty much the only thing you need to worry about when installing seats!) so I'm going to have to rework that. I'll make sure to document that so you guys have more pictures to look at, but for now, I'll leave you with this
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