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P11 auto trans leak need help.

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I have searched the forums and could not find anything like what I am having problems with. Today as I was sitting at the drive thru a lady behind me said I was leaking transmission fluid. Low and behold it was leaking, but at the time it was only dripping. When I left work it was a small puddle under the car and as I was driving it kept leaking fluid until I got to the auto part store to get more fluid. By that time the transmission was having difficulty accelerating every now and then. Bought a few quarts and as I was filling transmission fluid started to leak around the front of the pan. My question is this: do I have just a simple gasket leak or is it something more serious? Right now it is dripping fluid and the whole bottom of the pan is wet with fluid. Also I am getting conflicting answers about what fluid would work for the P11 some say it is just plain Dexron 3 others would say Valvoline Max Life and another group would say only use Matic D.
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Sounds like a simple leaking oil pan gasket. The filter is inside the pan so if you were to drop the pan, replace the filter with a good quality filter, likely infiniti.
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