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p11 crank shaft posion sensor and need parts! please help

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Hello everyone I am very new here and have recently traded my 2005 rm 250 that I paid 1600 for for a 2001 infiniti g20t 5speed. The g20 had the check engine light on when I got it and it was scanned and the code showed that it was the crankshaft postion sensor. Now when I was removing the only one to put the new one in the old one broke off inside the trans casing. It is about 1 inch to the left of where the casing starts so it is not technically in the transmission. I tried to put a scre in and pull it out but only half of it came out. Then I tried it again and was predrilling the hole and the bit broke off in the plastic of the sensor which made this even worse then it already is. Has anybody had this problem before? Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should try next? My next move was to grind out as much as possible and thenpush it through and jack up that side of the car and fill it with oil and then drain it hoping it will be in the oil pan. Is this a good thing to try? Also I need a driver side electric non heated mirror and both headlight assemblies to pass inspection. I have PayPal so I can buy those parts off you. Please tell me anything that will help me get my p11 road worthy. I love it and just want it to be on the road already. Thank you!
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Sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot. Like I said I'm new here. Lol
I am having the same problem with the crank sensor on my 1999 G20. I don't think it is a good idea to grind it out and push what remains into the hole however. On my car anyway, the "crankshaft" position sensor actually sits above the starter ring gear on the flywheel in the bellhousing. So if you push it through it won't end up in the crankcase. It will fall into the bellhousing. I think there is a good chance it would get jammed into the ring gear. (Remember at the end of the sensor there is a powerful magnet - I think that could do some damage and will also prevent it from falling very far.) I think if you use a thin drill bit to drill a hole along one side of the sensor it might become easier to remove it after the o-ring is pierced. (This assumes you have something to grab onto.) I'm thinking I will try this approach.

I tried a bit of heat thinking that would loosen the stuck sensor - instead it melted some of the plastic. Oddly, this exposed the copper from the two terminals in the sensor. There was enough protruding for me to solder a proper terminal onto each of the copper bits and I used this to temporarily reconnect the harness. This made the check engine light go off. (Unlike on some cars, the crankshaft position sensor input isn't actually used by the ECU to control any engine function. I'm not sure why it is even there.)
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That's in the bell housing (no oil pan) and just leave it for now till your due for clutch job.
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