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P11 JDM Dual Quad Retrofit Projector Headlights w/ LED cleared corners

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Here is your chance to own a unique, 1/1 set of ericdd P11 quad projector headlights in jdm xenon dual glass headlight housings.

-Inside each headlight housing is (2) e55 projectors retrofitted, one bi-xenon and one single xenon, wrapped in a carbon fiber shroud.
-The corners are cleared and have LED lights, simply plug into your corner socket.
-4 HID lights and 4 slim Xentec ballasts

There are a few LED lights on one side that go on and off, see picture. Not really noticeable unless you are right next to the car. The carbon fiber shroud, even with its great craftsmanship, is showing some wear close to the projectors which could be due to heat. It is not largely noticeable, but I did want to disclose such info. The inside of the glass could use a wipe down but not ultimately needed. If you wanted to paint the inner part then it would be a good time to clean the inside. Again, not too noticeable but worth mentioning. There are no lower tabs connecting the duals to corner lights, and one of the upper tabs to the corner is broken (I have the tab for repair). Both tabs on each headlight to mount the duals are perfectly intact. White residue on top of duals near hood closing points will be cleaned up, its plasti dip overspray.

The duals will not include wiring, this is because I wouldn't want to send wiring that is not soldered and had been previously used. It's best to get a new set of wiring for a fresh install.

I had been planning on putting these up for sale months ago as I had enacted some changes with the car and now that I'm getting ready to paint the car this is a great time to sell. These are fully functional and work great.
Link to build thread which may have some answers to any questions:

$300 shipped with 4 bulbs and 4 ballasts. This weekend only. This includes tracking, insurance, proper packing (lots of bubble wrap).

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Wish is had the cash would you consider trading for sport wheels?
hey im in sarasota, FL which is not that far away from Central FL. If i buy it, could you help me put the headlights in? i dont know if its plug n play or i have to modified the wires.
dope! glws! btw how did you remove the amber from the corners? teach me your ways!
if these dont sell within the week everyone on here is stupid.
glws dave.
these are gorgeous,
Wish is had the cash would you consider trading for sport wheels?
Just saw this. Sorry but no trades. I have other wheels in mind. Thanks
wow ! almost makes me wanna get a P11 :drool:
Bump, need these sold so I can pay for a few things. Lowering the price for this weekend.

$300 shipped for the headlights, led corner lights, bulbs and ballasts
Local pickup save a bit more, catch me in the right mood and you might get a great discount :)
Would you part the corner lights?
Possibly, PM me
Fuck, I want them, Give me 3 days to move 300 to paypal? Anyone want to buy my old Duals super cheap?
Fuck, I want them, Give me 3 days to move 300 to paypal? Anyone want to buy my old Duals super cheap?
dude just connect your bank account to paypal or your cc/dc
dave I might want those corners...
dave I might want those corners...
Let me know, I also have a spare black dual with black corner (if theres a need)
I'll take them. What's your PayPal?
Funds have been sent via PayPal.
Sent you a text and email. Currently pending sale
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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