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P11 parts for sale

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Complete set of Super Pro polyurethane UCA bushings, control arms included, used but good condition. Mounting brackets also included, ready to install. These are camber adjustable. $150

P11 front Prothane polyurethane engine mount, one piece, pressed in a already and used maybe 10K miles or less. $30

SOLD. Steering rack, used but fine working order, $50

Other small interior switches, let me know what you need. Mirror switch, trunk latch switch, knock sensor, dimmer switch, etc.
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I need the black plastic pieces that go around both front seats..
Whatsup Steve !
Do the UCAs have the nipple in them already for oiling? or its sumthing weird like that
I do, mine include nipples that are actually accessible. I swear I'm gonna post pics, eventually.
What's up Jav? I still remember the time we met to exchange money for material in a public parking lot, and how you trusted me, a complete stranger, to later pay you $100, for an item given that day. That was way cool bro! Stay cool dude.
After I buy a new steering rack online...
Bump! New rack costs almost 4x as much
Any leaks or bad tie rods on the rack? Text me pics 5163599378
That OEM mount, still have it? Have the other one as well?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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