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ive got a set of oem nissan rain visors that i took off my car before i sold it
there in good shape just need to get a good pic of them

115 shipped

i also have a oem nissan sunroof visor in good condition

70 shipped

i think i have the stock airbox with all the parts

make me an offer

i only installed the short ram part of the ebay cold air intake so i still have the one longer pipe if anyone needs it

Also a passport 8500 with blue screen
I don't have the smart cord but I have a direct wire and add a circuit for it
Not really looking to sell but kinda need the money so price is pretty firm at 175

ive got some other things lying around so ill add more things as i find them
if u want pics ill send them to u
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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