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Yesterday in my P11 the moving part of the driver's side of the sunroof broke, the sliding piece. I heard a pop sound. The passenger side works fine. After messing with it awhile my friend and I got it to somewhat close by pressing the close button and using a screwdriver on the broken piece to push it back and "assist" it.

The problem is now, surprisingly, the passenger side glass is now just UNDER the roofline and not sitting flush, and of course it's raining out. So I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on here. Something to do with the driver's side "slide" breaking caused this:

This is the rear passenger area of the sunroof, and I'm pointing to where its lower than it should be.

Driver's side where it's broken. Notice how different it looks from the passenger side below:

The passenger side w/ paper towels shoved in there for now - I don't know which is right or wrong, or if they're both wrong, this stuff is confusing. Anyone?
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