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FS: P11 Parts

Driver Side Sun Visor w/Homelink - $40

Passenger Side Sun Visor - $40

2000 G20 Manual ECU - $150
This ECU came from vehicle with VIN: JNKCP11A6YT306568
According to the Nissan dealership, the ECU is in working condition

200x G20 Automatic ECU - $100
I was told this was a manual ecu out of an '01 but since it ended up being an automatic and I don't know what vin number it came from I cannot confirm what year it came from. From the part number on the ECU itself it looks to be a 32bit ECU (2000+)

2000 G20 MAF - $80
one of the corners is super glued (holds fine) and is in confirmed working order

Prices are shipped, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Little tear in fabric:

The light for the mirror is a little quirky (if you open the mirror cover all the way the light turns off)

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