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p11 wont align after bc coils installed

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Hey whats up I was hoping if any of you guys ran into the same problem Im in. I installed my bc coilovers couple days ago and bought new tires and alignment yesterday. However, when they tried to do the alignment they couldn't. Discount tire said that the right passenger side had negative camber and didnt know why or how to adjust it. Now before I went to Discount tire center I raised my car a little bit because I didn't want any rubbing issues. I noticed that the right passenger coils was rubbing against Im guessing the 3rd link. Now I thought that wouldnt happen with the offset tophats unless your to low. So what can be causing this issue that I cant align my car. I dont want to mess up my new tires. Hope to hear from you suspension gurus on here. Thanks.
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The only adjustable part of the P11 suspension on the entire car (with stock parts) is the front toe. Camber is non adjustable in the front or the rear, unless you have an aftermarket bushing/camber kit for the top front upper control arm. Caster in the front is adjusted with a modified rear ward bushing for the front lower control arm. Forget about adjusting anything in the rear.

If you are attempting to slam the car very low, you may need to modify your 3rd link to avoid hitting the base of the body of the coilover. This is done by cutting or grinding out the inner portion of the third link that hits the coilover itself. No need to take off more than 3-4mm in most cases for added clearance.

I'm willing to bet you probably have some worn out bushings on the front upper control arm. Other possiblities... the control arm itself could be bent (rare), or it could be an aftermarket control arm that was installed that is shorter than the stock spec. Check those first. If you have too much negative camber in the front, you may be able to get away with adding some shims/washers behind the back of the plate that holds the front upper control arm to the body (subframe) of the car. Look at the other three things I pointed out first and check back in. Don't go shimming the back of that plate until you know the upper control arm checks out.

By adding a shim to the back of the plate requires you to cut plates of steel to the dimension of the bracket itself and drilling out the holes accordingly.

Hope this helps.
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I didn't know Discount Tire did anything but tires and wheels... bring it to a real alignment specialist ..
There is no adjustment for camber, u may have a bad bushing or bad uca ... the 3rd link rub has always been a common issue when slamming a G.. contact DMSentra, he can discuss options with you to fix it.
Thanks for the quick reply ferrari I will check on the three things you had pointed out.
Negative camber is not bad if it is around 1-2 degree. On all of my car, I try to get at least -2.5 degree in the front. Toe in/out is what really eat up the tires.
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