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P12 Calipers

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edit.. these are not twinpot.. I could not edit the title outside of this.. sorry.

Up for sale, taking offers, I only needed for the hubs, and I'm doing brembos.
I suppose you could use the rotors too and re-drill for 4 or if you have 5 lug.

Guys this is JDM stuff.. lol no seriously it is.

$100 + Shipping & PP fees. I really don't know what to ask for this.. make an offer 100 is to satisfy the forum gods.
If your local to Houston, TX you will get 1st priority.
P12 Calipers, pads, & rotors good upgrade from stock p11.
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in the photo they look identical to regular p11 calipers.. are they different? if yes, how?
293mm rotors so for sure the brackets are larger.
they also have the larger 17mm bolt (not 17mm hex head 22mm hex head)
The caliper might be the same, I won't know intill I do my 5 lug swap and pull my current front calipers.
I will be selling those as well when I do my brembos too.
whats the part number for the brake pads? what sort of availability is there for those brake pads?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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