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Paint Codes p10/p11

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Paint codes
Code G20 name Alternate name or names Years

326 Super White 91-93

AG2 Aztec Red NA 91-92

AH2 Burgundy Pearl Dark Red 91-92
AJ4 Ultra Red NA 93

AL0 Ruby Pearl Metallic NA 94-96

BN6 Starfire Blue Pearl Deep Marine Blue 94-96

CG2 Pebble Beige Metallic NA 91-96

CH0 White Sandstone White 91-93

DJ2 Black Emerald Dark Green Pearl 91-95

DL0 Forest Green Slate Pearl Basil Green 94

DP0 Dark Green Deep Evergreen 96

KH2 Charcoal Preal Gun Grey Metallic or Dark Gray Metallic 91-94

KH3 Black Obsidian Super Black or Onyx or Blackout 91-96 , 99-02

KJ1 Beige Pearl Metallic NA 91-95
KL0 Silver Crystal Spark Silver or Super Silver or Platinum 93-96, 02

LB01 (blue) 91-93
LC07 (beige) 91-93
LK11 (gray) 91-93
PC06 (brown) 92-95
PK06 (black) 92-95
TH1 Misty Blue Metallic or Dark Blue Pearl 91-94
QNO Arctic White Pearl 94-96

WK0 Aspen White Pearglow NA 93-94

Pics coming.........
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lol...i have the worst looking paint (not the color, just the condition...& i got posted WOOT!!!)
does anyone else have kh2 because mine has a blue-ish look in the sunlight. also are there pics of a CSO p10
KR4 Titanium Sonic Silver or Sierra Silver 99-02

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Yeah thats what im gonna do. Just gotta make sure I have all the paint codes figured out.
I think you might be able to verify the names/codes of any you have questions about via Thanks for doing all the research needed to put this together!
I got a bw9 midnight blue majestic blue.... Ill post pics so u can add them here as soon as i sponser i think its pretty nice...not as hot as dat chameleon or da orange but still clean....just gonna slam it....clear out tails and side markers and dual den ill post da gurl
well if u welcome a bw9 dat is????
The primera hood with that infiniti logo I just creamed my jeans

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that oraange is pretty nice. im an orange guy. look good w/ gunmetal rims, euro taillights = <3 :D
Lor, get me a 800x600 colorful pic of your CH0 and i will replace Davids pic.
You need to update the first thread. Lots of pics posted but none in there
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