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nice style turnaround from the poke wheels! Speaking about wheels, I was curious what color of powder did your powder coater use? From the first pic it looks like Sungold Metallic but in the close up pic it looks slightly different. I'm asking because I also have a QNO, and I'm planning to restore some wheels and I'm debating whether or not to keep them gold or go w/ something different. Since we have the same color car, and when you get these on, I can really gauge if I should also go for the gold.
Yes, the color of the powder was Sungold Metallic, Great Eye!

It looks like you're really selective when it comes to the placement of the sound deadening. Is there a reason for this? I always thought that people just go for covering entire surfaces.
It really isn't necessary to go edge to edge. All you are trying to do is damp out the resonances in the panel.

nice progress man. cant wait for the final outcome. those technocasts are gonna be killaz. hurry up i wanna see them on already! :thumbsup:
Coming very soon!

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Sure looks good !

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no updates Joe so i will say that this car looks clean.. especially when it pulls up next to you at the stop light and you hear the engine rumble you look and see this beauty... i was like i know who that is...

car looks and sounds great and has good plans coming up too....

so joe, since i have boasted about your car... wanna do me a favor? :D lol
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