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All prices include shipping.
All games, boxes, instructions, are in perfect, mint condition

1.) World of Warcraft ($25) Also willing to sell game with account. Level 44 Human Warlock (female)with approx. 5 gold, very good gear, mount, all pets, etc.. Plus a level 7 Nightelf Druid. Game with account is $80

2.) Star Wars Battlefront II ($30) Played this game maybe two hours max. Just didn't like it very much.. Great graphics and cool story though..Just not a FPS fan

3.) Star Wars Galaxies the total experience. ($10) Includes Jump to Lightspeed. Also willing to sell account. Character is a lev. 80 BH with a TON of loot.. Also has approx 5 million credits. ALOT of time has been invested in to the character, over 2 years.. Includes all the expansions, an AV-21 landspeeder, a full suit of BH armor (not mando armor) almost every painting in the game, truly alot of cool loot.. Account plus game is also $80


1 - 3 of 3 Posts