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Picked up first P10

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So I've been around SR20 scene since 2004 and on those forums, I've even had an account here but never really used it...(mostly just looking for parts and write ups). Anyway, finally got my first P10 the other day. Its just a beater for my dad to save miles on his truck, but its in pretty good shape. Surface rust on the rad support nothing serious and a small spot in the pass rear quarter panel. Its a 1994, auto. Pretty clean inside and out, good paint. The ABS light is stuck on, previous owner things it might just be a bad sensor, i figure if it is, or I cant figure it out ill just say screw it and pull the bulb (not a fan of ABS to begin with). Drivers window works, but the rest dont so I gotta get in and see whats going on with that (fuses are good). Sun roof was sealed due to small leaking.

Everything else seems pretty good except one thing, maybe someone can help me pin point. There is a small stutter/misfire under load and idle. The engine compression is 190 across the board and I just replaced the spark plugs with some NGK iridiums but no dice. I'm gonna do the plug wires, fuel filter and prob the distributor. Original low port engine with 109k on it.


Here's a little video of it running. Yes that PS Pump is prob on its way out. Hoping maybe some fresh ATF will quiet down. You can hear the pops of the misfire from the tail pipe at the end of the video.
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...not going to know this would be the same issue for you but when we had similar issues, it was the TPS that went bad.

...not going to know this would be the same issue for you but when we had similar issues, it was the TPS that went bad.
I hooked it up to consult (which by the way, i couldn't for the life of me find the OBDII plug under the dash, I know 94 this is OBDII?). Anyway, through consult my TPS was reading .44 closed and opened 4.0+ for WOT i blieve, so it seems to be working properly. In my video below I added those read outs of the gauges on my laptop via consult to give an idea whats going on.

OOPS, just realized the link for the video was just a picture lol, should be good now!
I think on the 94 it was on the passenger side somewhere.
yup under the glovebox
Cool, found it, thanks.

So I changed the fuel filter last night, noticed the rubber intake hose (from maf to tb) had a cut in it from I guess the rubber aging. Thought maybe that was there I was getting my issue but I pinched it close and the idle was still having that stutter. I cleaned the TB, MAF and IAT but then i noticed when reading the codes I got P0110 P0110 Intake Air Temperature Circuit Malfunction. I'm gonna try and find another to test as well had I have some new NGK plug wires on order. Hoping it'll solve my issue but its never that simple lol.
Got the new spark plug wires in today and threw them on, seems like that fixed the issue. It was late so i havent had a chance to take it out for a drive but I didnt hear the misfire at idle or when it was in gear like it was before so we'll see what happens during a drive tomorrow. Headed to the junk yard for some odds and ends to clean it up. Only 2 things that I might get to down the road (as theres no need to mess with now) is the ABS light is on and the PS pump whines pretty loud. Its just something to use for winter and stuff so like i said, I'll just worry about those down the road if I get annoyed by them. Prob just pull the bulb for ABS light lol
Just a quick update. Went to the junk yard and got some windows switches. All the windows are working now, decided to just say F the ABS for now since I dunno how you even get the sensors out. Took the bolt out but hit the crap out of it and it dont budge. PS pump still whining, might do a flush here next.

One thing I had a question about, the Rear Defrost button, should it click when it depressed? Mine, as well as 2 i've tried from the junk yard, dont work. What I assume is a little light on the button doesnt light up and there is no click from any of them when the button is pushed (like how you get a click when pushing the hazard button on/off). My fuses are good cause I checked those also. Perhaps something i'm missing?
The defrost button does not click. It's timed when you press it it stays on for a time or when you turn the car off.
Cool, I assume the little light on the button should illuminate though correct? Cuz its not doing that either....guess i'll have to wait for a cold morning or something to see if its working then.

Took the car out for a quick drive, confirmed misfire is def gone.
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