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Plasma Industries Xenon headlight replacement bulbs

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I found some Plasma Industries Xenon HID bulbs on Ebay. They
are pretty cool.

I was wondering if anyone else uses these and if there have been any problems with them.

I already installed them and they look fine, just looking for some feedback on this product
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If you want great lightbulbs for the P11, order the Hella Xenon Ultra Quartz from Hella New Zealand
They're not available in North America yet. They're very bright and produce 50% more light than standard halogens. I contacted one of the retailers in New Zealand, Barry Shardlow at [email protected], gave him my MC # and the bulbs arrived within a week. Keep in mind, whiter light does not mean "more" light. So, if you want more light, stick with Hella, Philips, or Osram Sylvania. The Hella equivalent from Philips and Osram can be ordered from Cheers.
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