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  • 290mm/11.4 inch rotor is fine with me.

    Votes: 23 79.3%
  • No, I want a bigger rotor.

    Votes: 6 20.7%

Please vote on rear big rotor upgrade options.

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I am working on a rear rotor upgrade for P10/P11. So far I have found that I can get an upgrade from the stock 258mm rotor to a 290mm rotor. This means we can go from a 10.16 inch rotor to a 11.4 inch rotor, that is over an inch bigger.
We would use the stock caliper/bracket with a custom dogbone. The purpose of this upgrade is only to better match the look of big front brake upgrades. This rear upgrade would require the use of at least a 16" wheel. The cost of this upgrade would be between $100-150 depending on current market material prices. You would expect to get 2 rotors and 2 dogbones only.
Is this a big enough rotor for you guys? Please vote or give your opinion.
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what happened with this. is it still feasible? if it is and you've just gone another route, which way did you go? and if you aren't planning to go forward with this can i get your diagrams notes and part #s to try to get it going again?
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