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  • 290mm/11.4 inch rotor is fine with me.

    Votes: 23 79.3%
  • No, I want a bigger rotor.

    Votes: 6 20.7%

Please vote on rear big rotor upgrade options.

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I am working on a rear rotor upgrade for P10/P11. So far I have found that I can get an upgrade from the stock 258mm rotor to a 290mm rotor. This means we can go from a 10.16 inch rotor to a 11.4 inch rotor, that is over an inch bigger.
We would use the stock caliper/bracket with a custom dogbone. The purpose of this upgrade is only to better match the look of big front brake upgrades. This rear upgrade would require the use of at least a 16" wheel. The cost of this upgrade would be between $100-150 depending on current market material prices. You would expect to get 2 rotors and 2 dogbones only.
Is this a big enough rotor for you guys? Please vote or give your opinion.
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brake upgrade

I'm interested, because I'm thinking of upgrading my 96" G20 fronts also, So what does the front setup consist of? and total cost?
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