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So I have heard of all these people installing 6.5's in the front doors. With some pods, or cavalier adapters. I even did it with some metal brackets (too bad the quality of my old audiobahns was pretty bad).

Anyway, so I decided to fork up the money for a set of nice components. Polk's Momo MMC6's

I was excited to get them, but they are HUUUUGE. They resemble more my alpine subs than my rear 6.5's Polk DB's (components too). Needless to say the cavalier adapters Rushmatic was going to sell me did not even fit the speakers. Don't even go halfway.

So now I'm tryin to figure out a way to install them.

I think I"m going to dremel the door's metal, and make them squeeze in, it will hold really snug. Then cut the door panel slightlyso the speaker goes into towards the grille, and then try to add the brackets (like I had before, to minimize any movement). The speaker is so big and heavy once it's set it will be almost impossible to move.

Pictures to follow....

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