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Power window problems, thoughts??

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Got a 1999 Infiniti G20. I had a rear right window assembly replaced about a week ago with used parts I bought from someone off of here a long time ago. Had my mechanic put it in about a week ago. Never even opened the package until that day. After being installed, everything worked fine until I started the car today and that window rolled down on it's own and won't go back up. Any thoughts on what the problem could be? hour later, I am putting the door back together and hook everything back up. Pop out the fuse under the hood, which is fine, and pop it back in. Decide to give it one more shot. I hit the switch and up it goes.

Now, thoughts on what happened? I'm going to be worried that every time I start my car, that window will go down. If it does while it's raining and my son is in the car, we're screwed.
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sounds like either your master switch or the switch on that door could possibly be bad and gets stuck in the down position
Sorry for the late reply. I use to get emails when someone replied. I'll have to check my forum settings.

Anyways, now the window rolls up and down with the switch on the door, but not with the switch for that window on the drivers door.
So, think it's the back door or the front switch? or something else?
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