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finnaly figured out a way to get around haveing a boost gauge the car , found adjustable pressure switches called "Hobbs pressure switches" figured i could run a few these to various places like the intake manifold for boost then to a LED light in a discreet place around the gauges , since im only concerned about boost makeing it to 7psi and if its getting over 8 psi i figure i dont need the extra clutter of a gauge hanging out in there 2 of these switches with a blue "ok" light and a red "overboost" light should do the trick .

been researching it all night so far ,along with a way to stuff a small intercooler in the stock airbox with a small fan . then placeing the airfilter someplace cooler , but i dont think the intercooler will get enough air in that box so im back to the drawing board on a intercooler , really dont want one in front of the raditator. but i digress , heres what i have found ont he switches :

this is a part that goes in a turbo diesel pickup that has the hobbs switch in it :

one at the hobbs corporation :

this one is at crane cams P/N:9000-0110 , not sure about it tho see "Driver-Adjustable Ignition Timing Retard Control" 4th paragraph :

anyone got any thoughts on this ?
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