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For Sale Posting Rules

Understand that posting here is a privilage and a service to our community, not a right.

This forum is specifically made for you if you are looking to sell almost any item. We will not tolerate spam, commercial sales, porn, or firearm sales in this forum.

Even tho this is its own forum, we highly recomend you use FS: in the beginning of your thread title. This helps out a lot when users click on the New Posts for the day.

Actual Posting Rules!!!
- Put a price on it, if not, your thread will be deleted.
- Pictures say a thousand words, if you have one, post it.
- If you know the shipping price, please put that down as well.
- Please stay ontop of your thread, nothing gets my goat than a seller not responding to questions in a timely manner.
- NO THREAD JACKING!!! If you are trying to sell the same item, create your own thread.
- Please respect the sellers asking price, if you dont like it, tough, but dont whine and complain about it.

Please keep in mind there are people out there that will want to just take your money.

Some helpful recomendations to avoid getting scammed.
- Request photos of the actual item a person is offering.
- Get the sellers contact information (Name, address, phone number)
- Look for feedback here on, Ebay, or other forums
- Request a tracking number on all items being sent to you. UPS, FedEx, and USPS all provide these, some at an additional charge.
- Insurance on a package is a good thing, but thats up to you. is not held responsible for any transaction that goes bad, we simply provide the resource for you to use responsibly.

In addition - this isnt ebay, so if your looking for sell something using the Best Offer method, take it to ebay. We do not support that type of sale here. Any and all OBO listings will be deleted, so get a price on that baby!
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