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Here my G20 2002 Sport Pack 5spd,VLSD.

Due to some mechanical stuf to repair and the fact the floor is a bit gone (I'm living in Québec with harsh winters and salt on the road) I decide to not invest more in my G so I bought another car. But .... I love my G,she's been so reliable,cheap on fuel and rewarding to drive that I can't sell it !! Damn emotion !!!

So I decide to make a track car with her,slowly but certainly.I don't have a ton of money to spend for that purpose right now in my life but since i'm mechanicly incline (working on rally car as pass time) I will do all the work I can do myself. I will make her safe (redone brake,bushing, fixing the rack and pinion etc..) and I will throw out everything that's too heavy and does'nt help go faster (leather seat,sunroof,A/C,carpet roof liner radio etc.) and I will track it like this for a year or two.

Here some pic of the G :

I hope the pics work because i'm very good with picture stuff!!
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welcome, looks nice.

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love its blue
Is that factory blue? g/l with the race car prep and post alot of pics
Going where she belongs..... THE TRACK :D.
If you wanna part with your spots, PM me ;) I'll take em from you
very nice
Nope , it's very basic enamel without metallic,i'm working at a Carquest so I made a '' special'' blend and Ipaint it myself.
nice car cold is it in Canada???
today it's a bit warmer at 5°C (41°F) but during holydays we saw at least -30°C (-22°F) but we have a couple of night at -36/-40°C and with the wind factor nearly -50°C (-58°F) !!
Which part of Quebec are you in? Je suis a Laval. C'est vrai qu'il fait plus "chaud" aujourd'hui mais il pleut malheureusement. :/
@ o2G2o je suis de Drummondville
I'm back after a minor surgery and a month and half of recovery. Yesterday I've kick my butt and I've start stripping her.I will remove everything useless on a race car. I will have a couple of part to sell so if you need something PM me. I'v not wieght anything (i will try later) but the sunroof itself probably weight at least 40 lbs, passenger airbag 15 lbs, those heavy leather,elctrical and heating seat probably 35-40 lbs for the driver one. etc... I will probably reuse the HVAC unit (without the A/C system !) since the control box weight nothing. I will remove the back seat and the carpet in the end, the back seat is a nice place tp have a beer and taking a break ! the carpet made more comfortable to crawl under the dash etc.
how to make the picture work ? i'
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