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Finally got rid of my p10 after 11 years of beloved driving, before my head gasket went I swapped in a 6 speed from a jdm p12 and enjoyed the last few moments finally rid of the automatic transmission. Before I sent to junkyard heaven I salvaged the transmission figuring someone would want to enjoy it as much as I have. When I bought it it had 75k miles on it I would say on the high end I put about 40k miles (very high estimate) on it within the the 2-3 years before I parked it. Complete swap $750 OBO (emphasis on OBO lol)
Non lsd 6speed transmission
Both axles (need new boots)
Axle bracket (modified original) (maybe better off buying a new one for the sentra axles)
Manual crossmember
Shift box
Shift linkage and hardware
Clutch master & slave (bought the slave brand new from Nissan)
Almost brand new clutch (I installed it a few months before I parked it)
Pressure plate is missing a tooth
Fly wheel (stock)
Clutch pedal
Shift boot leather
Sentra Spec V engine mount(needs to be filled or bought new)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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