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Rack and Pinion

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Hi all. I'm removing the rack and pinion on my p11. Lots of photos taken that I will share. It was hard finding info here in detail or step by step for a diy so I thought I could create something to share. But before I upload and finalize the details, I could use some help on where I'm stumbling. Underneath the dash is the steering column that locks into place with the rack and pinion. There is a plastic cover with three plastic nuts that are easily removed by hand. The issue is the plastic cover around the column has a thick, rubber cover over it. I don't want to cut or slice it off so I wonder is there a way to remove this rubber part to get to the plastic underneath?!AAI8ih7jLSs-bqc&v=3&ithint=photo,.jpg
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Something everyone doesn't want to hear.... You have to do it all from the engine bay.

Tips: Rack can only come out and go in the pass side. Before you bolt the rack back in connect the hard line or you will never get the line on or trash the threads. Always check center point of rack and steering wheel before you get things bolted up. (Sucks to get done and your steering wheel is upside down DOH!)
Then if the rack connects from the engine bay, I'll need to remove the crossmember and sway bar and maybe even the shift linkage to the tranny to get access. But to remove these from the way, I think I need to separate the muffler pipe. Is this true? Take a look at this pic.!AMoIRnrj1s9xFrs&v=3&ithint=photo,.jpg
you should not need to disconnect the exhaust system

i dont recall if you NEED to remove the Xmember & sway bar, but the more room you can make the better/easier it is to remove
I didn't remove either. I did the steering knuckle and lines from the top side. Had to remove intake tube, maf, and misc stuff up there. To be honest the power steering rack and knock sensor are the two hardest jobs with the engine in the car that I have ran into.
Hi All, here's the update. I completed the rack and pinion install and took plenty of photos and notes. It was mainly a one person job but I did need help for the crossmember which I will explain later. Just got the car back from the tire store for an alignment and it looks like job well done. No leaks and the steering is tight again. Since I tried to find a DIY but couldn't, I'll try to assemble my scratch notes to upload some order of events that took place. It should be easy for me since I did take the car apart twice. More to come.
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