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Rear Defrost Question

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I'm trying to fix the rear defrost in my dad 94 G20 and so far I can't figure out why it wont work. The fuses are good. I tried swapping the relay with a known good one, twice. I've also even tried a different button....what else could it be? I hear no click and the little light on the button doesnt illuminate.

Fuses are good, relay is good, button is good......?
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Rear defrost is controlled by the time control system. When you press the button it is what controls the relay. It allows the defroster to be on for 15mins at a time.

I'd check the fuses for that as well. There are a bunch of them. Also the unit itself could be bad.
Hrm, is the time control fuse down there on the drivers side where the relay was? I checked the 2 fuses for the actual rear defrost (and i think i even checked all the fuses in there) but what is the one you are talking about labeled as? Time Control System?

I take it there isnt any fuses to look at in the engine bay? If the actually defrost unit was bad would that make the button not illuminate and relay not click?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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