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Red top DET but not Top mounted intercooled?

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I went to a importer and he had 3 engines. Two of these engines came with top mount intercoolers and the pipng. However, the third engine had the turbine inlet facing forwards and not upwards like the top mount. It also did not come with an intercooler nor piping?

How would I know what kind of DET this is. How can I distinguish between a T28(GTI-R) and a T25(BB)??

I have heard about sidemount intercooled DET's but dont know much about them. Does anyone have any insight?

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GTA_G20 said:
Thanx J-Ace it is the outlet. Once again you are right. When the turbine does not spin at all You cant get enough lube on it to losen it up eh?

It's hosed.

Oh, that red top..... Are you sure it's an AWD DET and not a RWD?
GTA_G20 said:
positive it still has the tranny attatched to it.

Sounds like a Frankenstein motor (little of this one, little of that one...)

The U12 has the read top but the compressor discharge should point straight up and IIRC, you cannot rotate it on the BB set-up. The U13 should have a grey or black top and the compressor discharge should point straight out away from the engine.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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