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I have a 2002 G20 Sports MT. Right hand side of instrument panel light is off majority of the time. Once in a blue moon it will work. Anyway I am planning to change it. I have done some reseach in the forum. This is what I found:

#74 wedge base bulb is a direct replacement. Do I need to order the twist lock base? What the heck is a twist lock base anyway? I know bulbs come in different colors. Besides the white, anyone else try other colors and have good appearance result?

There are total of 5 bulbs (2 for meter illumination, 2 for turn signal and one for high beam, that's what it says in the G20 work manual) I guess I only need to order two bulbs for replacing the meter illumination. Just wondering, are the other 3 bulbs the same kind? Would it look funky if I use other colors for the other 3 bulb locations?

Is there any other additional comment on the changing instruction? I just want to make sure I know what I am doing before I start.

The change instruction which I got from this forum:

(1) you need to first remove the radio bezel. there are 2 screws at the bottom pointing down at the shifter. then you can pop the radio bezel. twist it 180degrees and lay it on the dash. remove the screw to the left of the climate control. then remove the 2 screws right above the gauge cluster facing down. lower the steering wheel, and you can now remove the bezel covering the cluster which includes the vent and controls on the left side. dont forget to disconnect your c/c, dimmer, and mirror switch. with everything removed, you just have 4 screws holding the cluster in now. remove those, disconnect the harnesses, and you will have access to the bulbs.

the bulbs attach to a twist lock base and you just twist them into the cluster. as how easy it is to remove the cluster? is cake, i can remove it in just under 5 min with my eyes close

2 screws under the stereo and vent trim, pull it out and unplug the hazards and defrost.
5 screws to remove the top steering wheel cover
2 screws for the cluster cover right on top of gauges and 1 more on the right, "left of the stereo"
2 screws to remove the turn signal lever and let it hang on the right side of the steering wheel

(2) unlock the S-Wheel and pull it down as much as you can and hold on the cluster cover and pull it out slowly, once you get the space behind it unplug everything. slowly twist and turn the cover onto the left side of your S-wheel and Bingo

Your cluster is right there in front of you. remove the 4 screws that hold it in place, pull it out slowly again and unplug it.
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