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firstly hi to all on g20 forum,
i have a 1.6 primera p11-144 ,QG16DE engine, manual ,2001 model. which i believe is similar to your infinity models in the us.
my problem is that when stopping either from fast speed or slow , just before complete stop the engine revs up slightly say 200 revs , i know the aacv valve is supposed to do this but mine sounds louder or more than it used to be.its very noticable. Have cleaned solenoid plunger on aacv of light film of soot , engine 43k, checked all hoses , checked pcv , performed base idle as per FSM this by the way seems to have no effect . idle should be about 750 , my guage shows about 600 , but they are not too accurate so im led to believe . solenoid valve appears to be working when i had it off for cleaning . car starts , idles and runs perfectly except for rev noise when stopping , any ideas or thoughts on the subject America .
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