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Rev limit on 99+

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Rev limit on 99+ ?

On the SER forum They say that Our rev limit as well as theres is 7000 and the P10 has a 7300-7500 that is better for a 98+ sr20 w/ 91 intake cam (Like I have) if you swap to a 95 ecu (like some one has) you get the higher redline and no speed limiter but a MIL
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B15 ('00+) Sentras have spark cut at 6700 (or was it 6750?). You can't really go by what the tach on your dash says, though, because they're barely calibrated for accuracy and is nowhere near precise. Nissan does a pretty good job of making reasonably accurage gauges, but they're not perfect, and a 200 RPM dial variance at that kind of crank speed isn't hard to accept. I experience more than 200 RPM dial variance between operational periods; sometimes my ECU starts to cut at an indicated 6600 RPM and sometimes it indicates nearly seven grand before I hit the invisible wall.

Non-US Primeras with the roller SR20DE are said to go to 7200 RPM, as do S15 Silvias with similar heads. I'd be a much happier person with a few hundred extra RPM before redline, but that may not happen for me or you any time soon, at least until JWT does something about our ECUs. With better valve springs, I bet we could probably run all the way up to 7800 RPM like the other SR20 folks, but nobody seems to know if non-roller valvesprings fit in roller heads, and I'm not going to be the monkey that finds out that they don't first-hand. :p

...and this is for the people that have no clue how to ask questions:I don't claim to be any good with English, but sheesh...

Another thing; it may be of interest to you that "'99+" is not what you're after. It looks like before and after 01/01, on both the Manual and Automatic car, the ECU part numbers changed, which indicate to me at least a map upgrade, if not something more severe. Yeah, that was a long sentence, sue me. ;)
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