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Rev limit on 99+

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Rev limit on 99+ ?

On the SER forum They say that Our rev limit as well as theres is 7000 and the P10 has a 7300-7500 that is better for a 98+ sr20 w/ 91 intake cam (Like I have) if you swap to a 95 ecu (like some one has) you get the higher redline and no speed limiter but a MIL
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I know the old G20's had a higher rev limiter but is that the same for the P11 or did they lower it? I know there is a guy on the ser forum that has a 99 SE with a 95 g20 computer but I don't know if I would benifit from that because I don't know what my rev limit its. It may be just as high as the p10 and it would be useless to change. I hit it the other day but I was looking at the tach I was looking at the Si that was beatung me. I believe they lowered it to 7000 like the sentra but I don't know.

Sorry I thought I put a ? mark in the subject.
Are you going by your tach redline or when the computer retarded your computer because it was over reving. I'm looking for the second one.
Thanks for the help. Mine is a 99 so the 01/01 change shouldn't apply. From what I heard that's probaby the new computers that have completely different plugs. the 99's accept the computer from the 97 se-r with a slight modification to the harness. JWT can reprogram those for my car but i'll get a check light. I've also seen a 99 sentra se w/ a 95 g20 computer (higher rev limiter and no speed govenor) and he said it plugged right in to his with no mods.

I Ain't be no English major. Sorry::(
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