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1993.5 G20 m/t WK0 Aspen White Pearl Glo

Back in 2006 i purchased g20 #6( or 7) to build as my project car my dream p10. I bought it in washington some 3 hours from my place, super clean not a single door dent 110kmiles. i got it from some hillbilly who installed a new dizzy in it. as my friend drove it home after 100miles it started to knock bad, i guess the old owner didnt set the timing after installing the dizzy and detonation i guess... or rod knock.. regardless motor was toast. Ive been keeping the car a secret for many years and was gonna build it and supprise yall but lots of thing came up, i went to prison , some big issues and more..

I finally decided to start a build thread to motivate me on working on it ( since i got out of prison, nothing has been the same, ive become very dull and lost interest in many of my hobbies)

Hope yall enjoy:D

walmart parking lot some where in washington

Towed home

My Initial Plan

Current plan

Turbo build

W10 aviner from Canada

Wire wheeled the whole block (2hrs)
Unorthodox racing full pulley set
My cousin from WA who's into SR's came down to help with the swap along with Allahsone, but things didnt go to well

3ppl in the car, Allahsone driving (he's 6'2") i was in the car behind them and watch it all happen in front of my eyes, till today it's the most frigtening and tramatizing experience ive ever had. had to see my 3 younger family members die and then comeback to life
full album:

My cousin's freak, the next night i get a call from him at my house( he stayed 1 month with us, he said hes dropping my motor, WTF ??? lol... he's a super nissan junkie + Oxycontin

so then we started my DET swap ( i was planning to swap over a period of a month and he rushed me)

Motor is in
First run
gripforce screwed me on a shitty exedy clutch so i had to put the stock clutch in for the time being

Unorthodox racing flywheel, i think im the only person on the forum with it

Exedy Organic disk + jgy super heavy weight pressure plate

All in and running

Custom oil catch can
My own invented Re-Atm valve.. heheh

properly mounted the FMIC
2'' piping

Turbo car besides the Daily

2.5" Straight flow catback to mate with the 3" JGY downpipe

2.5" vs. stock

3" High flow resonated "cat"
- End 2008 -

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Long story shot,
came out of prison , dropped clutch and found out i didnt have a bad ToB

If you get a High Q flywheel like the unorthodox racing one 600$+ U need to use a shop press to press it on and not an impact wrench or else this

read more:

So anyways, Tonight i spent few hours draining fluids and unplugging and stipping the car down, motor swaps are tough alone, already did the tranny by my self.

all i have left is to drop the down pipe, remove power steering line, and drop the motor 1 hour and the motor should be out

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hmmm wtf! damn that sux about your FW

what do you mean have them press it on? onto what? doesntthe back of the flywheel stie againtes the crank & bolted down to it? what would they press it onto?

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i recomend never impact gunning a flywheel on. i always tighten the bolts down carfully in cross patern and than hand TQ in cross pattern

steve It can not be pressed. im more are less betting this happened fro impack guning it on it either was under torqued are he guned it and it got pinched to one side and when guning the rest in It was not sitting flate on the crank .

i have a little braket plate type thing that i use to remove and TQ the flywheel bolts in buy hand with out the need Of a freind to hold the crank. you can make on from a steel flat and drill a few holes in it than you take a clutch cover bolt and bolt the braaket in and thanput a belhoseing bolt in the other hole and screw it in till irests nice and level with fly wheel

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wow, Mo didnt know you had a secret turbo p10 !!
Yup was gonna actually have 2x secret turbos :p

nice project you got there but why green rims?
cuz it's hot

dang, that is one of the cleanest build ive seen! Is that really a impezza bumper? looks nice!

Details on that catch can? how is ti working for u?
worked while i had it, but since car is out of service, we'll see on the next ride

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sick build mann, you've been doin work I never notice how tiny the stock exhaust is and thats only a 2.5.
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