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Roblop04's awesome service! (Brembos)

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Earlier this month one of my Brembo caliper's pistons started to freeze up. Having no time to take them off the car and rebuild them my search began again for another set of calipers. As I'm not as active on the forum any longer I pm'ed roblop04 my contact information and it was bliss from that point forward.

Having a busy work life and planning a wedding this year left almost no time to be online constantly.

roblop04 kept in constant contact with me regarding price, payment method and shipping. Even after having shipped the items out roblop04 kept in contact with me communicating ETA of the shipment. I received the Brembo's purchased from roblop04 in a medium sized box. They were not just placed in the box and left to bounce around during shipping. roblop04 had wrapped cloth around the calipers so that brake fluid spillage wasn't a concern and then wrapped and packaged each caliper separately in the box, superb.

If you have any doubts or reservations buying, selling or trading with roblop04, DON'T.

Awesome service, communication and an all around person to deal with.

Thanks again Roblop04!
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You should send him an extra $100 for being awesome
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