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How it currently sits...

With the KH3 headlight filler pieces on it looks like it has bags under its eyes. I removed the JDMs from the car for the KH3 car. Was lazy so I just loosely installed the KH3's old headlights.

This should be the low point for this car.... I hope.

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Aug 24, 2015 - Mar 16, 2016

So, here is the car as it sits....

Basically the same as the previous photo I posted, but dirtier.

Although a lot later than I originally thinking, here's an update.
I have been slowly amassing many parts for this car, a lot of parts. I need a couple things here and there, but for the most part I have the major parts.

So what you see in the pic...

- Fortune Auto Coil overs
- BBS 17x8 LM wheels
- 05 Spec V Trans
- P12 Bell housing (not shown)
- P12 axles
- P12 shifter & cables
- JWT 6speed flywheel
- OEM 350Z/G35 250mm clutch
- Gspec hydro conversion line
- Koyo Radiator
- New VET long block
- MazWorx head studs
- 20V valve cover
- VET intake & 1N5 plenum/throttle
- S13 wiring harness
- P12 ignition coils
- Wiring Specialties S13 harness rebuild kit
- R35 570cc injectors
- Z32 MAF
- Port-Matched GTiR manifold modified for external wastegate
- TiAL MVS external gate
- GT28RS, disco potato
- exhaust outlet & downpipe modified to clear A/C
- new JDM lower radiator support (not shown)
- New EVO 9 recirc valve (not shown)
- EVO 9 OEM intercooler (not shown)

I left some things out of the photo, either because I forgot about them or I didnt have it there. I'm sure I need to some other stuff, atm can't remember though. The plan is also to get eGT parts on this car too, I just don't have them yet :) Hopefully soon.

Probably won't be all at once, for instance, the S13 wiring harness. I'll probably to get it going will use a JWT ecu.

Test fitting exhaust set up on the 20V I have :)

April is just around the corner, it's this car's 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday!

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Any updates?
Well...if updates means forward moving progress...then no. I ended up cannibalizing the exhaust system off the car and installed it on the other white one I have. I also have waay to big tires on the rear end of the car 205-65-15 or something like that on the rear. I needed the tires as they were brand new and used them on the other white one. So it is uber ghetto status at the moment.

I need to do some musical engine stuff with the 4 p-chassis cars I have. Once I get that done, I'll work on this car. I need to get paint so I can clean up the engine bay and then take a weekend to do it.

It will take time, but I will get there!!

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Car is in zombie condition at the moment. But silver lining is that I’ve sent a 8H6 head off to 5523 Motorsports in California a few weeks ago and they are working on it as we speak...probably cursing as well since the head I sent off was pretty rough as I got it cheap. They also told me the rockers are dead. So anyway engine build is going to change a bit. I’ll reveal that as I go though. The all new VET long block is something I am just going to hold on to for now.

In the interim though I plan to get the car back to just running condition. But hoping to get at least the 6 speed swap done for now and ‘hobble’ an engine together for the time being. Before I get the engine in I plan to change the front lower part of the radiator support, get rid of the P10 trans mount and get it ready for 6 speed mount and then the paint the engine bay

Currently that is the target. There is another project I need to wrap up before this, but I hope to get it running by Spring.
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