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Scraping sound from engine - help!

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[2001 G20t auto]
Hi guys, my car is sick again, and I have no idea where to look

The other day i turned it on and there is a loud scraping sound coming from the engine... putting my ear up close, i think its coming from the pulley and belt areas

First Problem:
i noticed the belt along the AC/Alternator pulley appears to have a tear/slit lengthwise -- i recently changed the alternator and I'm wondering if i tightened the tensioner too much? Just a crappy belt maybe? (initially after putting in the alternator, i had actually not tightened it enough causing a whole lot of vibration which is why i made sure it was tight after that)
Anyways i did check the alternator and belts many times to make sure everything was working after the alternator replacement and both were running just fine

Second Problem:
I checked the oil and it was really low, which is weird because i changed the oil last month - i know my car consumes oil, but never this fast - anyways i topped it up with Castrol 5W30 here in Canada where its freezing cold (I feel like the car hates the cold) - am i using the wrong oil?

Turned it back on and the engine didn't feel as rough while driving but the scraping sound is definitely still there

The most recent repair i did to the car was the alternator which was over 2 months ago and it was running fine..

**** There was one and only thing i remember fiddling with before the sound came up the day after: I turned down the temperature down to the lowest position - for some reason i feel like this kicked in the AC and maybe the AC pulley is making weird noises (haven't used AC for a long long time, and quite honestly have no idea when it actually kicks in) - might this be what ripped the belt?

It doesn't respond to turning the temp up and down or turning heater on and off and all the pulleys are turning quite fine - its not just the sound, its actually grinding and lagging when driving it - i just added the oil so i'm assuming that will help but i have no idea what could have caused it to burn/consume that fast

If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it

Thanks in advance!
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Noise and belt wear could be a bad bearing in your A/C compressor clutch. That can bind the works up and cause a bit of noise. Might also explain resistance if it's causing drag to the rest of the pulleys. However, if that were the culprit, I would think the issue would disappear when the A/C is turned off.
Yah it's definitely being dragged down
I can see that the belt is ripping when looking in

I read about people buying a belt that bypasses the AC - not even sure if that's the problem but worth a try

Can someone reccommend the belt part number? I've seen a different ones mentioned in my search but none show up on rock auto
hoooooly moly, i just wanted to update in case anyone else had the same problem..

changed the belt to the 33" Goodyear Gatorback brand (Part#: 4060330 or Metric Part#: 6PK0840) to bypass the AC and the car feels magically new!!

so i guess its confirmed the AC pulley was the problem - the engine is now running smoother, no more scraping sound, no violent vibrations, no jerking out of first gear!! Thanks to everyone in the other threads that brought up this solution, I'm so happy right now! I was close to giving up on these repairs and started looking for another car (fingers crossed, knock on wood)

In case anyone else is attempting this, i also learned how sensitive that tensioner bolt actually is in tightening the belt -- i had initially overtightened the belt (again) and it started smoking when i first started the car.. quickly turned it off and readjusted until it was perfect (not so loose that you hear squeals and get a battery light, and not too tight either)... let it run a few minutes and drove it around for a while to ensure everything is good..

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