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Serious P10 WTB List

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1991 G20 Automatic Red

Need both Master window switches.
Rear Passenger Window Switch
Front Driver window switch bevel (piece around the switch which keeps it in the panel)
Steering Wheel
Climate Controls
Front Passenger side corner light
Front Passenger side Fender
Full Set of Seats

Smaller items I will accept shipping to 11722 NY seats or fender, we can figure out pickup.

PM/email me [email protected]
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"Front Driver window switch bevel (piece around the switch which keeps it in the panel)" window AMP?
Both? Rear Passenger Window Switch. Pm me
you want the right pass corner light that is next to the headlight, right? I have that available if yes :)
I got everything but the seats & fender. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
damn dude, i just trashed SOO)O)O)O)O)O)OOO much stock p10 shit last week,,,,& im right south of you.

Ill check tonight as i still have a shit ton of stuff.
Slowly getting parts, will be eliminating things from the list as I get them!

Also added steering wheel to the list!!
I have everything but the steering wheel and seats. I'll PM pics later tonight if you'd like.
what else do you need? i PMed you be you never got back to me.
you want a stock black p10 steering wheel? if yes, I have that.. so LMK
I have the switches w/ bezel, fender, & all seats. The seats are in rough shape though. Let me know. Dont know about shipping the larger parts.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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