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side markers / fender lights fs

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More stuff to sell here:

- pair of usdm sport (clear) markers with pigtails to make install easier -------- 35 shipped PR set

- pair of JDM markers, flat lines like the sport type ----------------------------- sold outt

- usdm stock markers --------------------------------------------------------- 15 shipped for all 3

- fog light finisher (R-side) ----------------------------------------------------- sold

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Pair of amber "JDM" slim marker lights has been sold.
Do you have a better picture of the clear ones? Also are the clean or foggy lens?
They're clean not foggy. Pic was taken during night time
dude where n the bay you at i want the clear ones
i will buy pair of usdm sport (clear) markers. whats your paypal?
I will take the pass finisher please
Thank you sensai
money sent
Please find me a Primera UK badge like on your avatar!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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