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i dnt know how many of u have heard of this car

now you might find this hard to belive.

but i didnt realise this was actualy my mates car lol

i went and visited him the otherday at the garage it is stored, he has about 5skylines there and a pulsar motor that i am allowed to take along with a few HKS turbos :p

i sat in the car, its actualy stripped out to fuck

they have even started cutting away parts of metal in the front of the car to make it even lighter.

i will try and get a few shots with the primera :p for any disbelivers!

its actualy pushing 800bhp, and the thing is AMAZING i cannot describe how quick it feels. u need to overtake sumone going 60mph....u floor it and as u apss them ur already doing 100mph, the acceleration is UNBELIEVIABLE.

anyways if u want any pictures or nething let me know!
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