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[first off, sorry, im not bragging by any means.. just a really fucked up turn of events that i find qwite humerous]

(this is in sponsor section purely so noone outside of sponsors can see my manwhore-ness) haha.. so anyway..

so the Ex im's me tonight.. saying shes been drinking a little bit over christmas, and is horny as hell.. its 1am at this point.. and i have work at 730..

so im like.. its late.. what the hell, im already in bed and i dont feel like it

(cause honestly shes a bit crazy) [ps if you followed my crazy adventures thru random chicks.. this is a diffrent girl from the OT girl help thread i posted]

so after a little bit of a discussion and some convincing from a member here, thanks Dave!

i had a merry merry christmas!

lol.. enjoy

JessBarbie (12:45:37 AM): have you been drinking?
eterniti 44 (12:46:09 AM): no
JessBarbie (12:46:10 AM): i have been thats why
JessBarbie (12:46:19 AM): o k
JessBarbie (12:46:28 AM): how would u feel about a booty call?
eterniti 44 (12:46:38 AM): haha.. you serious?
JessBarbie (12:46:58 AM): its a serious thought yes
JessBarbie (12:47:06 AM): but not a serious thing
JessBarbie (12:47:19 AM): i'm happy, but horny
eterniti 44 (12:48:05 AM): well.. its almost 1.. and i have work at 730..
JessBarbie (12:48:42 AM): erm well.... sex will help u sleep better
eterniti 44 (12:49:28 AM): indeed..
eterniti 44 (12:50:12 AM): how drunk are you?
JessBarbie (12:50:37 AM): i'm buzzed
JessBarbie (12:50:49 AM): enough to have the courage to ask u for just sex
eterniti 44 (12:51:48 AM): if you would have asked earlier i could have said yes..
eterniti 44 (12:52:03 AM): i dunno.. its really late jess
JessBarbie (12:52:11 AM): its no big deal
JessBarbie (12:52:22 AM): i just think it would be goood
eterniti 44 (12:52:38 AM): well.. likewise
JessBarbie (12:53:01 AM): i can make sure you enjoy it
eterniti 44 (12:54:10 AM): you gonna be up for a bit
JessBarbie (12:54:16 AM): yea i'll be up for a few
eterniti 44 (12:54:30 AM): a few doesnt help me
eterniti 44 (12:54:34 AM): i dont need you passing out during sex..
JessBarbie (12:54:58 AM): I'm saying I'll be up long enough, I'm not that drunk
JessBarbie (12:55:29 AM): yea well i don't need you passing out during sex either ;-), i want something outta this ;-)
eterniti 44 (12:55:54 AM): well then.. ill call when im outside.
JessBarbie (12:56:17 AM): its a plan

funnyiest part is my convo with dave..

eterniti 44 (12:52:14 AM): i cant belive this.. im turning down sex..
eterniti 44 (12:52:19 AM): random no strings sex..
eterniti 44 (12:52:27 AM): but.... tehres definatly going to be strings if i do it..
Y2K2P11 (12:52:42 AM): f it your moving in a month
Y2K2P11 (12:52:44 AM): lol
Y2K2P11 (12:52:58 AM): tell her you will but she has to invite a girl friend
Y2K2P11 (12:53:03 AM): thats the only way
Y2K2P11 (12:53:06 AM): haha
Y2K2P11 (12:53:14 AM):
eterniti 44 (12:53:44 AM): hahahahahha wow..
Y2K2P11 (12:54:04 AM): just thorw it out there
Y2K2P11 (12:54:13 AM): if she says no you werent gonna go anyway
Y2K2P11 (12:54:22 AM): if she says yes then.....
eterniti 44 (12:54:23 AM): ehh.. i just got " i can make sure you enjoy it"
Y2K2P11 (12:54:25 AM): well you know
Y2K2P11 (12:54:37 AM): dude, what are you waiting foor
Y2K2P11 (12:54:47 AM): go get your Yule Log worked\
Y2K2P11 (12:54:50 AM): lol
eterniti 44 (12:55:02 AM): im quoteing that in my profile..
Y2K2P11 (12:55:19 AM): fair enuf
Y2K2P11 (12:55:29 AM): mike has one of mine in his
eterniti 44 (12:56:04 AM): well im outa here.. lol
eterniti 44 (12:56:07 AM): hehe..
Y2K2P11 (12:56:12 AM): have fun bro
eterniti 44 (12:56:27 AM): aye.. thanks!
eterniti 44 (12:56:44 AM): lol i can imagine now
eterniti 44 (12:56:49 AM): when i get home.. itll already be posted on the net
eterniti 44 (12:56:59 AM): "Bish getting his yule log worked!!"
Y2K2P11 (12:57:01 AM): nope, I'll wait for you!!!
Y2K2P11 (12:57:10 AM): that ones all yours to quote
eterniti 44 (12:57:17 AM): hahaha niiiice
eterniti 44 (12:57:22 AM): see ya in a bit. if your still on
eterniti 44 (12:57:46 AM): yea....i aint staying

hahahaha oh.. its time for sleep.. almost 3.. and i still have work in the morning!

merry christmas to all! and to all a good night! :smile:

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Ha-Ha!!! oyoyoyoyoy!!! y2k2kp11 FTW.
Anyone who wants to chat LMK and way to get some Mark!!!
Edit, he even left out a couple other ideas I told him to do! :p

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those were just a touch too graphic.. even for i mean cmon..

Y2K2P11 (12:51:05 AM): dude, mine is an Irish dirty sanchez :naughty: :naughty:

ok for real.. im going to bed now :teeth:

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dirty, dirty boy!!! :p did you make sure she had a Wookie egg nog moustache??? :naughty: Gald to hear you stuffed her stocking

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hahaha yule log

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ill tell you later dave.. lol.. i cant remember fully what 'your' modded version was.. but i probably did something close to it :naughty: kekeke..

Pizdeet kak Trotsky
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No Video ? :(


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her away message today reads the following..

"argh... why do I have a black eye?"


i swear i wasnt the cause of that.. but its funny as shit none the less.!!!
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