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SoCal: Technical work by StYx G20 & nissan_nx2004 for SR20DE powered cars.

We are doing mechanic work for SR20DE powered cars. We specialize more on the P10 platform, but we can also do B13, B14, B15, & P11 cars. The prices that you see listed are just for the work alone. Basically you will provide the parts and/or fluids needed for the job. That and any other rebuilding, resurfacing, pressing, or painting of parts that you need.

Coming soon.......ELECTRICAL DIAGNOSIS ;)

$50 front or $50 rear or all brakes for $80 – bring new pads & rotors or you resurface your rotors.
$50 brake system bleed – bring your own DOT 3 brake fluid.
$110 complete brake job & bleeding – bring your own parts & DOT3 fluid.
$100 Stainless Steel brake line installation and bleeding.
$170 master brake job – stainless steel lines, pads, rotors, & bleeding

$40 rear sway bar install.
$120 coilover suspension install – we don't do separate shock & spring installation, unless you have it all assembled.
$10 front strut tower bar installation.
$20 rear strut tower bar installation (P10 only).
$25 for both front & rear strut bars on P10.
$10 Tire rotation.
$60 front wheel bearings – you get bearings & have them pressed in
$60 rear wheel bearings – bring new hubs
$100 for all 4 wheel bearings – you bring parts & get them pressed

Engine & Cooling
$15 - engine oil change – bring your own oil & filter (synthetic is recommended).
$25 - valve cover gasket replacement – bring your own gasket.
$25 - ignition tuneup – bring wires, plugs, cap & rotor.
$40 - single mount replacement or all 4 mounts for $100 – you bring your own mounts.
$60 - 5-speed starter – bring your own starter.
$80 - Automatic starter replacement – bring your own starter.
$50 - radiator replacement & flush – bring your own radiator & coolant.
$60 - water pump – bring your own parts & coolant.
$40 - warm air intake installation.
$70 - cold air installation (Need to dremel hole for tubing).
$20 – front 02 sensor replacement.
$30 – rear 02 sensor replacement.
$40 - to replace both 02 sensors.
$60 - header installation.
$80 - alternator replacement (Requires removal of radiator. Includes radiator flush)
$80 - p10 fog light installation for USDM fog light (Requires fog cut out on a non “T” G20.)
$20 - fog light replacement on a G20T with fog lights.
$20 - Radiator flush.
$60 - Power steering hose replacement.
$70 - brake master cylinder replacement (Includes bleeding).
$30 for timing and idle adjustment
$50 Distributor and “O” ring replacement with timing and idle adjustment.
$60 Full tune-up includes: Spark plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Oil change, Oil Filter, PCV Valve, MAF Cleaning, Distributor cap and rotor – bring your own parts & fluids

$25 - 5-speed gearbox oil change – bring your own gear oil (Redline MT-90 is really good oil).
$25 - Automatic Transmission fluid change.
$80 - 5-speed & Automatic axle replacement – bring new axles or you get old axles rebuilt and new transmission oil.
$200 - clutch job – bring new clutch kit & gear oil (you might need to rebuild your axles).
$30 - P11 clutch hydraulic bleeding – bring your own DOT3 brake fluid (yes, DOT3 brake fluid).
$50 – P11 clutch master cylinder replacement and bleeding.
$50 – P11 slave cylinder replacement and bleeding.
$50 – P11 clutch line & bleeding
$80 - for both master and slave clutch cylinder or one of those & stainless steel clutch line with bleeding
$100 - for master & slave cylinder, clutch line, & bleeding
$80 - short shifter installation.
$40 - clutch cable replacement.
$20 - clutch cable adjustment.

$50 - Quick release steering wheel installation.
$20 - Front door speakers replacement.
$20 - Rear speakers replacement.
$30 - for all 4 speakers replacement.

Custom Work
$60 Valve cover spray paint. We can paint your valve cover with any high temperature spray paint u want. We can use other NON high temperature spray paint at your own risk. You supply paint and clear coat. I have a spare non-roller rocker Infiniti valve cover ready to paint for you. You must drop off the paint/clear coat at my house 1 week before so I have time to paint the valve cover. Once I am done painting I will install the valve cover I painted for you and I keep your old valve cover for my next customer. If you have a specific valve cover you want me to paint you must drop it off the same day as the spray paint. The reason why I want you to drop off the paint at my house is because i want YOU to choose the exact color and clear coat you want to use.


$15 Extra to go to your house for job (Price may vary on your distance).
$10 Extra for any job that requires us to take parts for rebuild such as axles, resurfacing rotors, buying any extra needed parts.

We prefer that you bring the car to our house, but we can go to your house if it's completely disabled. We are located near the 105 & 110 freeway in Los Angeles. We would rather avoid doing engine or transmission internals like cams or swapping out gears & junk. We don't really diagnose electrical stuff either. We're not professional mechanics either, but we do know a lot about these cars & have worked on a lot of them & we feel pretty confident about doing all the work listed.

I think that I have covered just about everything, but I will be updating this list on occasion.

You can PM me (StYx G20) or nissan_nx2004 if you have any further questions or really specific questions about certain work. The Anime Gee also has a ton of knowledge on these cars & will usually help us out when we get stumped, but that's pretty rare. You can also post your questions on this thread.

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you should add, go look at a local car FS inspection cost to your list..

..cause I for one would be more inclined to fly out there to pick up a car I knew was inspected by you guys to know right away if its good or what it might need.. and with you guys around, could factor in negotiation room and dropping off with you to fix before I drive it to phoenix (we need to get a p10 in phoenix to have there 95 or older that never has to go for smog test w/illinois plates and title ;) )

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Anyone need any work done on their cars? These 2 dudes are basically low balling themselves to get your business. You won't be disappointed with their service. (^_^ )

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hey do any of you guys know how to wire up the electrical part of the wideband,

everything is in and on just need electricity to power it ( I had an incident when i was younger and am scared to mess with electricity)

how much let me know man?
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