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Some problems

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So I bought a G20 recently and i've noticed these issues that I can't seem to get a definitive answer through a search engine, hoping you guys would know what the issue is. I have two things that stick out

1. The brake light on the dashboard is on even when the E-brake is depressed, but sometimes in the middle of driving, it randomly turns off.
2. I'm hearing a chirping/screeching noise from my car at random times, recently it happens every time i'm in reverse. I've also heard it when i'm driving forward and has no noticeable pattern except that it appears to come from the passenger side and that the noise stops every time I break

hopefully this is enough information for you guys because that is all I have at the moment :-\
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Yup, it is. Brake pads are worn out and the little squealers on them are telling you to get your brakes serviced. The light is on because the brake pads are worn down thin, meaning the pistons in the caliper bores are out farther than they should be, meaning more fluid is there than in the master cylinder reservoir, which turns on the indicator light signaling low brake fluid level.
Thanks for the quick response. I'l get to work on that right away and i'l post my updates.
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